Jazz Reveals What WWE Told Her When She Was Released


Former WWE Superstar Jazz was recently interviewed by Women’s Wrestling Weekly. Here are the highlights:

Racism in wrestling: “I wouldn’t say I had experienced it. But, honestly with my ability and my way of work… if I were blonde hair and blue-eyed, I would probably still be on TV now.”

Trish Stratus: “Trish and I had a phenomenal feud. I mean she was the type of person that no matter what I put on her she got her ass back up and we did our thing. She was great at taking that ass whopping.”

What she was told upon her WWE release: “They called us to the back and said, ‘we were wrestling too much like men.’ I thought, well that’s the end of my career.”

Does she think she’d still be with WWE if she had blonde hair and blue eyes: “If I wasn’t in the company, I would be a part of the company. Because right now today, I still have no clue of why I was released. I’m championed one day and released the next day.”

WWE promoting African Americans: “I don’t think they (WWE) knows how to market African-Americans. I was a champion and I’ve never had an action figure. They did the screening and scanning and said my action figure is in high demand and I never saw it.”

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