Jazzy Gabert Explains Why she Departed From WWE


Earlier this month, Jazzy Gabert announced via Twitter that she’s now a free agent after she had been working with NXT UK over the last year and was part of the Mae Young Classic in 2017.

Gabert explained why in an interview with WrestleTalk she made the decision to leave WWE after debuting for NXT UK.

“On tour I realised that I want more for my life and I got the confidence that I’m able to do more, and for 2020 Udo Lindenberg asked me if I can come on tour again and a reality tv show offer came also in. Unfortunately, these projects would cross the schedule from NXT UK and I had to make a decision, because working all of these projects at once wouldn’t work. As I couldn’t see myself moving on or up in terms of storylines, I had to ask for my release. So it was completely my decision and I’m happy about it. I always wanted to work for WWE and I’m happy that I can tick that box. Of course, would I have loved to be a champion, for sure, but my heart tells me it’s time to move on.”

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