Jazzy Gabert Reacts To Her Neck Issues Preventing Her From Working With WWE In 2017


During a recent interview with with Mirror Sports, Jazzy Gabert commented on not being able to take advantage of a WWE contract offer due to her neck issues, her future in pro wrestling and more. You can check out some highlights below:

On The 2018 Mae Young Classic: Of course, it was upsetting. I watched it with a happy and a sad eye. There were a lot of people in it I admire like Meiko Satamura, Killer Kelly, Io Shirai and Toni Storm. They’re my friends and I love them, so I was happy for them but of course sad, as it was a great memory, which I wanted to repeat. My personal idol, but I’ve never had the chance to wrestle her, is Meiko Satamura. I really want to wrestle her. Hopefully it will happen one day! I’ve met her many times at different shows, I saw her at WWE Evolution, for Pro Wrestling EVE in London and many times in Japan. She’s one of my heroes and I want to prove to her that I’m a respectable person and opponent.

On Interacting With Shawn Michaels: I was standing backstage, I was about to go out. My music hit, my name came on the screen and the fans were so loud. My music has three beats. The first beat, I go out, the second, I lift my flag and the third I start walking. I couldn’t hear anything. I wanted to play the Alpha Female, to be mean and scary looking, but I had to smile. I couldn’t hold it. My face looks weird because I smiled but tried to be serious. Afterwards, Shawn Michaels came up to me and said ‘nobody told you that you were allowed to smile!’ and I said ‘I’m so sorry’ and he was like ‘No! You should have enjoyed the moment!’ That was the best, most amazing moment in my life, I guess. The crowd started chanting ‘please sign Jazzy’ and Triple H responded to the crowd.

On Neck Issues Preventing Her From Signing A WWE Contract: I was little bit upset not being there at the second Mae Young Classic but there is a reason behind that. After I competed in the first Mae Young Classic, I got the offer from WWE and had a contract in my hand. I went to do the medical check-up but failed the medical tests. I had a really bad neck and understood I wouldn’t be medically cleared to compete, and I totally understand it because WWE wants the best for their athletes. They’re not reckless.

On Her Future Plans: I was at the Germany try-outs in Cologne. I was invited to watch it, not to participate. I was there for two days and watched the young talents and was able to speak to Paul Fair and Canyon Ceman, who are the also talent scouts for WWE. I could support some of my friends and stars I know from the independent scene. So, I am in contact with WWE and we will see what the future brings, I guess. I would not necessarily say NXT Germany, in particular, but maybe NXT Europe? I think there was originally a plan, but I think you guys doing the Brexit thing, I think you need to have your own brand because no one knows what will happen afterwards. I don’t even know if I can work in England any more, maybe I need a Visa! So, I think NXT will be distinct on your island and maybe the rest will be NXT Europe. We have great talent in Germany, but I don’t personally think we have enough for a single brand. Look at WXW Germany, the promotion I work for regularly and who have a relationship with WWE, they use athletes from France, Belgium, Holland, from all over Europe, so I imagine sooner or later there will be NXT Europe.

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