JBL & Blue Meanie Discuss Their Bloody Fight At ECW One Night Stand


The Blue Meanie appeared as a guest on “Stories with Bradshaw and Brisco”, where he and JBL discussed their fight at ECW One Night Stand 2005, which resulted in Meanie getting bloodied. Here are highlights:

On getting heat in the WWF for flying first class:

“It just comes down to it was a competitive atmosphere during the Monday Night Wars. Everybody was a little bit on edge and stuff like that. I, myself, admit I had a comedy of errors on my part coming into the company. You know, my first weekend in I debut in Philly. We’re supposed to go to Baltimore the next day and then go do Hartford for a Raw. So, me being the typical indie guy and never flying, I was like I’ll drive the loop. I’ll go to Philly, Baltimore, up to Connecticut no problem. And Earl Hebner said ‘No, we actually fly you now.’ So I was like ‘Cool.’ So, I do Philly and go to Baltimore. And in Baltimore I check in for my flight and I look at my ticket and go ‘Well, dang. That’s awfully close to the front of the plane.’ I look to Al [Snow] and go ‘Am I behind first class?’ He goes ‘Eh, it’s pretty close up.’ Al’s not letting me off the hook, right?

So, I get on the plane and I see my seat and I go ‘Oh no, I’m done for.’ I’m like, my first weekend in they’re putting me in first class, right? So, I’m sitting there and I try to just be like inconspicuous. Hoping nobody sees me. It’s me, Big Boss Man, Shawn Michaels, and one other person. And I knew I was in trouble. One guy comes in and gives me the look, another guy comes in and gives me the look. But it wasn’t until Mick Foley walked into the plane and he goes ‘Oh Meanie, oh Meanie, no. Meanie!’ It was like a horror movie. I was like ‘What Mick?! Please take me with you!’ We take off. And we get to where we’re flying and out of the back of the plane, and I don’t know who says it, ‘Why the f*ck is Blue Meanie in first class?!’ I’m just like ‘Oh my god!’ If there was a door next to me, I would’ve done the nasty plunge.”

On having heat and not realizing he did anything wrong:

“There’s a lot of things [where] I was just green and didn’t know I was doing anything wrong until somebody pulled me aside and said ‘Hey, this is what you should’ve done’ and stuff like that.”

JBL on bloodying Meanie:

“I didn’t know that Meanie already had a cut [on his head] from Sandman from a while back, I had no idea. As far as the incident, after Meanie came back in, I pulled him in a private room and I apologized. I said sorry for the whole thing, and sorry for my part. I was also sorry for the fact that ECW had such a good pay-per-view, and that what was remembered was me and Meanie rather that the good work that the guys had put in.”

JBL on growing as a person:

“I’ve learned over the years if people don’t know, you just don’t bust their balls. It’s construed wrong, it’s taken wrong, and I didn’t think about it at the time. I hope I’m a different guy now then I was then. [Brisco] will tell you I’m not. I still bust his balls.”

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