JBL: Bobby Heenan Was The Best Heel of All Time


JBL posted a new blog to his Facebook page. Check out the highlights:

On delivering promos: “Doing a promo/commentary is more complicated than just words being correct and not jumbled, it’s a matter of getting a point across. Sometimes that point is a match is huge, or you are the best in the world, or sometimes it is humor. Whatever it is has to be natural and your ego has to be in the product and not yourself (though being selfish to some degree is a trait all main event guys have possessed, it is just how they choose to use it). Whenever you bury your opponent, then if you beat him what have you done? You beat the bum you said he was. Just like politics-these guys say the other side is crooked and dishonest, then how could they ever do a compromise deal with a dishonest crook?”

On Bobby Heenan: “Bobby Heenan was the best ever at being a heel and getting talent over, he always found a way to put over the guy while being a heel-a true art that no one has ever been better at. Hot Rod, Ted DiBiase and so many others have been incredible at this. The art of being a heel but putting someone over at the same time is something most don’t understand today.”

On Smackdown: “Sheamus on Smackdown does a perfect promo on Big Show, the whole segment was excellent. I won’t spoil the segment or give away the promo, but tonight is a perfect example of how to do a promo. Couple of really good things on Smackdown today, Wade Barrett and Randy Orton is a must see. Big fan of Wade Barrett, big tough and smart guy-if he stays healthy he will be something special.”

On Hell in a Cell: “HIAC? I plan on being there Sunday if this hurricane lets me out of Bermuda. Looking forward to see Ryback and CM Punk, will be interesting to see how Ryback does with the lights on brighter than they have ever been on him. I think he will do well, but you never know till it happens.”

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