JBL Defends The Undertaker & Goldberg from Recent Criticism


Former WWE Champion JBL took to his Facebook page recently to defend The Undertaker and Goldberg from recent criticism after their match at WWE Super Showdown. Both men had a terrible match at the Saudi Arabia show last week.

After several botches, the match – which main evented the show – came to an end with an underwhelming chokeslam from The Undertaker. Goldberg knocked himself out briefly during the match, leading to several mistakes and botches. After the match, a ton of fans on social media began to call for both men to retire after such a horrendous performance.

Here’s what JBL had to say about the situation:

I saw some of the negative feedback on social media over the Undertaker and Goldberg match. I thought a lot of it was misguided. I wrestled Undertaker as much as anyone in WWE. I was the top heel for a long period in 2003-2005 (I think those were the years!) and Undertaker the top baby face.

So we wrestled everynight and after every TV taping. One trip in Europe we had been on a run of some very good matches and out of the blue we have one that didn’t work-a tag match. I came back and Taker said, “Well, that didn’t work” and I laughed disappointedly and said “No, it didn’t”. Next night we had a good match again.

My point is-sometimes matches don’t go well. I saw fans blaming age and ego for these guys competing. I know both (not Goldberg as well) and both don’t need the money-they do this because they love it. Love being in front of a crowd and love entertaining. Don’t we want those we watch to love what they do?

I think both are still capable of competing at any level, this match just didn’t work like they, or the fans, wanted. Two great legends.

I don’t know where Undertaker ranks in the greatest of all time-but he is always in every conversation, and Goldberg was one of biggest draws in an era that did monster ratings.

I believe fans should look at it and understand-guys like this won’t come along again and simply enjoy seeing two great legends. Complaining is part of being a fan sometimes-I certainly get that, and it’s the fans right.

But, what I wouldn’t give to see Jordan out there again for Chicago-or Usain Bolt running a 100 meter final-we get that opportunity with these guys and I think we should just enjoy.

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