JBL: I Don’t Mind People Stealing My Moves & More


JBL posted the following to his Facebook discussing wrestlers using each other’s moves and gimmicks, as well as a potential Smackdown commentator return:

Heard some comments recently about the ‘fallaway slam” I used. I was using this before I came to WWE, I had copied it from someone I had met in Japan-can’t remember who. However, when I came to WWE Scott Hall was using it and it was one of his ‘signature moves’, so out of respect for Scott I never used it till he left.

We actually referred to it as the ‘sack of [email protected]’ and the tope rope fallaway as the ‘super sack of [email protected]#t”.

I see it used now by others, cool. I didn’t own it and I didn’t create it, very little was created in this business so theft is common-but it isn’t really theft if the guy is gone, which I am and Scott was when I started using it.

I remember the pump handle slam I did, I got it from Scott Steiner, and Road Dogg asked if he could use it for a finish, which of course I agreed. That’s how things work.

So when Alberto Del Rio steals my gimmick, got no problem with it-I stole it from Ted Dibiase and JR Ewing. Even George Wagner stole things and maybe his whole gimmick-look that one up on ‘Gorgeous George’ and Danny McShane (sp?).

Great business, glad to be a part.

Smackdown commentator job? I got mountains to climb first for my kids I work with, but ‘never say never’.

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