JBL Loses Luggage Over The Weekend – Details


JBL tweeted over the weekend that he lost his luggage during a weekend flight with American Airlines on Saturday. He tweeted the following:

Been a while since I’ve flown @AmericanAir I now remember why-NO BAGS again!! U guys r consistent. Consistently bad! No wonder ur bankrupt!

No WiFi on @AmericanAir old planes and they lost my bags! Worst airline in the world???

Thanks goodness I’m only doing radio show tonight, my @wwe PPV toupee was in my bag @AmericanAir lost! #needMyHatForTomorrow

Can we arrange a boycott of @AmericanAir ? These guys r terrible! Where is my bag???”

No answers and no service! @AmericanAir sucks and doesn’t care! I have a @wwe PPV to do tomorrow an they just lie to me! Fly anyone but them”

Hey @AmericanAir where’s my bags???? U morons lost my bags, said they would be delivered at 8p. Please, NO ONE fly this airline!”

6 MILLION miles on @AmericanAir been platinum since they had platinum, If they treat me this bad-imagine what they will do to you!!!

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