​JBL Reacts To MVP’s ‘Wrestling God’ Line, Angle’s Latest Video


— For the month of April (2014), TNA
iMPACT! averaged a 0.93 (0.9) cable rating and 1.16 million viewers. In
comparison to last April (2013), TNA iMPACT! averaged a 1.00 (1.0) cable rating
and 1.28 million viewers.

— As some of you saw on Thursday’s TNA iMPACT!
broadcast, MVP referred to himself as a “Wrestling God.” The original “Wrestling
God” JBL responded on Twitter with the following:

“If my boy @The305MVP claims to be a
“wrestling god” I’ll go with it! He’s a good and talented dude and… a good
friend of mine.”

— Here is yet another Kurt Angle “#MyComeback”

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