JBL’s Next Mountain Climb + SD Backstage Fallout Video


— WWEDVDNews.com reports that WWE will be releasing a new DVD featuring the best moments in Raw history. The DVD will be titled “The Top 100 Moments in Raw History.” The DVD will include a countdown of the top 100 moments ever in Monday Night Raw history. The disc will also feature the full 1,000th episode of Raw from earlier this year in St. Louis, Missouri. The DVD will be released in time for Christmas this year.

— Former world champion JBL is reported to be climbing another mountain. Here’s what JBL had to say: “13 weeks out from Aconcagua. Highest mountain outside of Asia, called ‘Mt Death’ with a 30% success rate. Really tough due to the potential of terrible weather. Aconcagua is only 80 miles from Pacific Ocean so winds and wind chill can be unbearable.”

— Here is this week’s WWE SmackDown “Backstage Fallout” video:

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