JBL Scales ‘Mount Death’ – Details Inside


Michael Cole announced on his Twitter account that WWE broadcaster John “JBL” Layfield and his team successfully scaled Mount Aconcagua (aka Mount Death) on Sunday in Argentina.

Cole said the group started its climb 13 days ago and reached the peak at 22,841 feet with wind chills at near sixty degrees below zero.

Cole noted that the group was the first to scale the mountain so far this year. JBL’s next challenge is Antarctica in January.

Obviously, JBL has no internet or cell phone service that high up and is unable to provide updates. The last update from JBL was at the base camp and he stated the following: “At base camp now 14,300 feet, 13 miles yesterday in 55mph freezing winds and dust to get here. 9 days from summit! Brutal day! Successful carry to 16,200 yesterday. Tomorrow we leave for 1st camp and then summit push over next week. Will be -20 real temp on summit day. Will be 6-8 hours of climbing daily from now on and summit day could be 15-18 hours. Ready to climb Mt Death! Actual temp at summit day will be -20 at least, wind chill will be -60 to -80.”

Here are some of Michael Cole’s tweets:

CONGRATULATIONS TO @JCLayfield! his group just reached the summit of Mt Aconcagua (mt death) in Argentina! First group to reach this year!

Congratulations. @JCLayfield He did the for the kids! #sevensummitsforkids

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