JBL Speaks Out On WrestleMania, Miz/WWE, HOF/WWE.com


— As noted yesterday here on the website, The Miz will be representing WWE at The USA Network’s Upfront Week event in New York City on May 17th. The event will take place at the Lincoln Center’s Alica Tully Hall.

— Former WWE Superstar JBL spoke with The Sun this week and had the following to say about John Cena going into WrestleMania 28: “I knew Cena could be the guy, there was no doubt in my mind. What he’s done is just phenomenal. I could not be happier for him. He’s one of the most hard working guys I have ever seen, who just has a knack for this business. I hear that he can’t wrestle — he can wrestle. Drawing a crowd is working. I think he’s done a wonderful job. What do you want? A guy that can go out there and do a bunch of seamless wristlocks and anklelocks, or do you want a guy who is going to put a bunch of people in seats and entertain them? To me a guy who can entertain is a great worker. I don’t understand why purists would say that he wasn’t one on any level, because I think he is.” JBL also told The Sun that he is paying for the trips and 100% of all money raised goes right to the kids. He hopes to place a Bermudan flag on all 7 peaks.

— Speaking of JBL, he will be doing a fundraiser called Seven Summits For Kids this summer. JBL will attempt to climb the tallest peak on every continent and start on June 17th with Mount Elbrus in the Russian Caucasus Mountains.

— Joey Styles recently tweeted that WWE.com won’t be airing the Hall of Fame ceremony this year because “the USA Network pays us and we sell DVD’s.”

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