Griffey grabbing his newly-won ASP Championship.

JD Griffey Comments On His Shocking ASP Championship Win


After a bombastic night of action at Texoma Pro Wrestling’s May 8, 2021 event, a new All-Star Pro Champion was crowned. In his first appearance in TPW, then-ASP Champion Tino Valentino issued an open challenge to the TPW Red River Champion Jerome Daniel Griffey. The caveat? A title vs. title winner-take-all match. JD Griffey made his way to ringside and accepted Valentino’s challenge, and from there the match was set.

The match was an intense, back-and-forth contest that had fans on the edge of their seats in its entirety. In the midst of this championship contest, Edge Stone and Nigel Rabid made their way to ringside. These two interfered in the match-up, eventually laying the smackdown on Valentino allowing Griffey to make the pinfall for the win. Jerome Daniel Griffey is your new All-Star Pro Champion!

Title vs. Title Match: Tino Valentino (c.) vs. Jerome Daniel Griffey (c.)

We here at eWrestling News reached out to Griffey for a statement after his brutal match-up. Griffey had this to say:

“I thought it was crazy that he put the All-Star Pro Championship on the line in his debut at Texoma Pro Wrestling. But you have to admire the confidence of a guy who puts his title on the line in an “away game,” so to speak. [Valentino] is a fighter and worked hard to achieve an accolade such as the ASP Championship. I will discuss terms for a rematch and contract preferences so we can give All-Star Pro the match that they deserve.” 

Griffey would go on to state that he had no prior knowledge of Stone and Rabid’s intentions for his match-up. Despite the interference, however, the All-Star Pro Championship belongs to none other than Jerome Daniel Griffey.

Tino Valentino also had something to say regarding this bout, speaking to our reporters at eWrestling News to say:

“It isn’t right (how I lost) and the proof is there. I respect JD Griffey as a competitor and want to believe he had nothing to do with Stone and Rabid being out there to aid him. I will do anything in my power to get the All-Star Pro Championship back around my waist.”

Valentino went on to state that he will do whatever it takes to reclaim the ASP Championship, even if he has to start at the bottom of the ladder to do it. It seems as though this friendly rivalry between Valentino and Griffey is far from over. With a litany of stars on the All-Star Pro roster who could qualify as a contender for this title, it seems as though we will have to wait and see if Valentino will earn another opportunity. Despite the controversy surrounding it, one thing remains certain. Jerome Daniel Griffey is your new All-Star Pro Champion.

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