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NewsJD McDonagh Comments On CM Punk's Return To WWE

JD McDonagh Comments On CM Punk’s Return To WWE



CM Punk signed a multi-year deal with WWE at Survivor Series 2023 following the Men’s WarGames match.

JD McDonagh was part of the main event match. It had been reported that WWE told the main eventers right before the match that Punk would be coming out. This is something JD confirmed in a new interview with Alex McCarthy of Daily Mail. He said,

“Yeah, I was just looking at the crowd seeing who was reacting how hard they were reacting. At the end of the day, I get it. I understand that this is a business and we’re here to make money for the company. If you look at the social media numbers from the weekend, if you look at the viewership on RAW this week, the dude makes money for the company, he draws eyes to the product. I’m going to be on the shows that he’s on now, drawing more eyes to that, so all good in my book. We’ll see how it goes and either way it’ll be interesting to be backstage and and see it all go down.”

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