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Jeanie Buss Admits She Doesn’t Work On WOW – Women Of Wrestling Every Day



Jeanie Buss is making the media rounds this week to promote the return of WOW – Women of Wrestling.

During a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter, the owner of the LA Lakers and WOW – Women of Wrestling admitted that she doesn’t work on the all-women’s promotion on a day-to-day basis.

Additionally, she opened up on teaming up with CBS Paramount to air the shows in syndication.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On her role in WOW – Women of Wrestling: “It’s very different, certainly I’m not working on WOW day-to-day. I’m the investor, it’s my personal funds, I’m a fan of WOW, but it’s not my day job. My day job is with the Lakers and that’s where I am day-to-day. They’re very similar, but they’re very different, meaning that we’re dealing with larger-than-life personalities in both; we have to deal with the day-to-day reality that they’re athletes, and with athletes comes injuries. You hope for health and well-being, and you do your best in training but sometimes it’s inevitable. You have to figure out how to solve the problems that an injury might bring up, so they’re very similar, but different. And I enjoy both of them.”

On teaming with CBS Paramount: “Having CBS Paramount as our partner, they see the value in women’s sports, they are willing to become partners in what our vision is,” Buss said. “They’ve given us a stage that’s larger than anything that women’s wrestling has ever had in the past. The idea that they’re stepping up and supporting what we’re trying to build, it’s been a great partnership. Everyone from all the markets that we’ll be airing in has really embraced our vision [of] what our women stand for and they also want to have a lot of fun and be entertained. It kind of hits all the marks of what we’re trying to do in this business.”

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