Jeff Cobb Comments On Working In Lucha Underground, Original Plans For His Character


During a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, Jeff Cobb commented on working for Lucha Underground, the original plan for his character, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On his memories of working for Lucha Underground: “I had a blast. Yeah, there were a lot of hiccups and snafus and a lot of angry talent, but when we were there and filming it, everyone had a blast. I definitely look back on those days as really fond. It’s good memories. The business side of it was a little weird, but what we made there was definitely magic.”

On the original plan for his character in Lucha Undergound: “Yeah, they were saying we want you as a Taz-like character. I’m like cool, that’s not a stretch, so let’s do it.”

On the Matanza character: “Yeah I guess it was like a Jason Voorhees kind of character. And then shark attack and then go back to Jason or Michael again and relax, relax. It was definitely fun. It was different.

On the gap between season three and season four: “I was at a weird place with them because between season three and season four, I think there was like 20-something months of no work, but we were still stuck in this weird contract. It was weird and I was really frustrated. Because in pro wrestling – there are few people who can do pro wrestling and be at a very high level for 20-plus years. There’s only a handful of them. A lot of people’s windows are 5-10 years, give or take. I was feeling like I was hitting a good stride and I could only do indies now because I’m stuck under this contract. There are great companies out there. People were like ‘Hey, you should come here’ but I was like I can’t because I’m stuck in this contract.”

On what he thought of season four: “It was a little weird because a lot of people were upset about being off for 20-plus months with no pay and you can’t go anywhere else kind of thing. Then they threw everything together and rushed season four out to tape it in maybe like three weeks. It was really hectic. Again, I loved seeing the people I worked with, but it didn’t feel like a real Lucha Underground kind of thing. It felt rushed and an ‘Alright let’s throw a season together’ kind of thing.”

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