Jeff Hardy WWE SmackDown
Jeff Hardy Returns On WWE SmackDown

Jeff Hardy “Arrested” on WWE SmackDown After a Hit-And-Run


As seen during this week’s WWE SmackDown broadcast, Jeff Hardy was arrested after a rental car in his name ran over Elias. The “police” then found Hardy in the back parking lot and he appeared to be drunk. Of course, this was all a storyline but it played off Hardy’s real-life sobriety issues and arrests. Many fans found that to be in bad taste but that’s the angle WWE went with.

The “police officers” (developmental talent) at the scene found a bottle of alcohol and rental papers in Hardy’s name. They noted that Hardy “smelled of alcohol” and he was hauled away in a police car.

Of course, Hardy was set to face AJ Styles in a semifinal match in the Intercontinental Championship tournament. Due to Hardy’s “arrest”, WWE held a battle royal to determine a new challenger. Sheamus won that match and faced Daniel Bryan in the main event. Daniel Bryan won after Jeff Hardy returned to the arena and attacked Sheamus, setting up a Daniel Bryan vs. AJ Styles match on the June 12th edition of WWE SmackDown to determine the new champion.

It appears the idea here is that Sheamus was the one who tried to run over Elias and made it appear as if Jeff Hardy was the one behind it. WWE is hyping the angle continuing on next week’s SmackDown broadcast.

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