Jeff Hardy Comments On WWE’s Pink Ropes, WWE/All Japan


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— On RAW Monday, WWE used a pink middle rope to raise breast cancer awareness. Regarding this, Jeff Hardy tweeted, “Just my opinion….Every rope should be pink!” As noted earlier here on the website, there are several reasons why Jeff Hardy won this year’s Bound for Glory series and will be facing Austin Aries in the main event of the big pay-per-view. Jeff’s TNA contract will be expiring in February and the company is trying to keep him happy as he’s a huge draw for them. He’s by far the number one merchandise seller for the company. In addition to that, TNA expects Hardy to drive PPV and movie theater sales for the show, as more mainstream fans are willing to pay for Hardy (over James Storm, who was also considered). TNA is hoping that merchandise, live event ticket sales and television ratings will go up with building a major program around Hardy.

— As previously reported, WWE has entered in an agreement with All-Japan Pro Wrestling. It should be noted that All Japan has been in bad financial shape for awhile now and was seeking investors to support the company’s operations. John Laurinaitis spoke with Kaz Hayashi and another AJPW official about the possibility of AJPW being a developmental territory for WWE.

The meetings reportedly went well and the two sides will be doing business.

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