Jeff Hardy Makes An Appearance On ‘Being The Elite’ (Video)


Newly signed AEW star “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy made his debut on the latest episode of Being the Elite (BTE), which featured a big tease for a future tag match between The Hardy Boyz and The Young Bucks.

You can check out a full recap and video from the episode below:

* We start with Jeff Hardy backstage at AEW Dynamite. His music hits and he gets psyched up, running out. The crowd pops and the Young Bucks are grooving to his theme backstage.


* The Young Bucks and Brandon Cutler are on day nine of their loop, with Nick talking about how this is the longest they’ve been on the road since their days in Japan. They’re at the Hertz Arena and talk about how they had a two-day gambling binge. Matt says that he shaved his goatee because he looked like he was 55 and old people on the elevators kept talking to him. Nick didn’t shave because he doesn’t care what people say. They get ready for dynamite and we get a montage of them posing for the camera set to the Hardy Boys them, then they sign some action figures.

* Adam Cole is backstage with his BTE Championship and asks why Jose the Assistant is there. Culter says Jose gave him his first-class seat in exchange for a title shot and Cole calls it the lowest of the low, but will hold up his promise to he a fighting champion. Jose says the contest is two out of three in blackjack. Cole doesn’t understand the rules but once it gets explained to him, he wins 2 – 0 to retain the title.

* Leroy Patterson and Peter Avalon continue their quest to cheer up Howdy Price, as Avalon shows up with what he thinks is a solution. He has Kombucha tea and gives it to him, and Prince puts a bottle of yellow liquid on the table. Avalon takes it and Price drinks the tea, after which Avalon says he’ll be okay and takes a drink from the yellow bottle, saying, “Yeah, that’s piss.” Price has a hallucination where he participates in a ladder match to get his hat back. But in real life, he’s just rocking back and forth without his hat thinking he has the hat.

* The Dark Order are backstage counting as John Silver hits 100 hip thrusts. They tell him to do the same amount of reverse thrusts and talk about all the things they have to do before Evil Uno gets a text from Hangman Page saying he can’t go out to eat with them. They’re diisappointed and Cabana asks if he doesn’t want to hang with them, can he really be the Hangman? Reynolds snarks that Page is “always busy” and they walk off.

* Ryan Nemeth has “Blood Day” as he gets some blood drawn for tests. He says he feels pretty good about this and is asked what music he likes, saying he likes Calvin & Hobbes comic strips. He tells the camera to make sure Brandon sees this and is nervous about getting his blood drawn, to the point that he’s too sweaty for the Band-Aid.

* Leva Bates walks up to JD Drake, who is annoyed and sore after he got chopped and beat up by Keith Lee. Bates smacks him several times and asks if he’s seen Peter. He says Peter went home so she slaps him once more and leave. A guy walks up and slaps Drake on the back, asking if he can ask a question, and Drake punches him out.

* The Bucks are there and talking about how much they love Matt and Jeff — but it turns out not to be the Hardys and instead 2point0. 2point0 are blown away, but the Bucks are they’re talking about the other Matt and Jeff who are behind Matt Lee and Jeff Parker. Matt Hardy says 2point0 might want to think about changing their names, and Parker says they can put their names on a pole for a match before walking off.

Matt Jackson says that with Jeff here, they can now both be in the ROH Hall of Fame but Jeff turns it down. Matt Hardy says that the Bucks think the Hardys are for sale and ask the Bucks about their ring gear, which Matt Jackson admits are Rocker-inspired. Matt Hardy says they’re here to cement their legacy as the greatest tag team of all time and plan to win the AEW World Tag Team Champions. And they won’t let anyone stop them, even the Bucks of Youth.

* The outro gets interrupted by Nick Jackson with his hand out being paid in $100s at the casino, then it goes to the actual outro.

(h/t – 411Mania)

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