Jeff Hardy Reveals Which Maneuver He Will Never Do Again & The Price Of Props In “Final Deletion”


One-half of the current RAW Tag-Team Champions, Jeff Hardy was a recent guest on The Art Of Wrestling Podcast. Jeff briefly spoke on which move he will never perform again due to safety reasons and how much the volcano prop used in the “Final Deletion” segment from their Impact Wrestling run cost.

Here are the highlights:

Jeff On What Move He Will Never Perform Again:

“I stopped doing the 450 because I over-rotated and jacked my shoulder up. I thought I broke my collarbone or something, but those days are over, so I’ll stick with the Swanton.”

Jeff On “Final Deletion” Volcano Prop:

“It was really hard to build, but again, like another donation, basically, to TNA just for the product of it all. Built a $3,000 volcano, I mean, just for the love of the sport, the artform.”

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