Jeff Hardy Says He Wants To Do A Musical Performance With Elias, Talks Writing COVID Song


During a recent interview with Metro UK, Jeff Hardy commented on wanting to do a musical performance with Elias, writing a COVID-19 song, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On writing a song about the COVID-19 vaccine: “I wrote a song called Vaccine, man. It’s gonna be on our album, hopefully coming out in 2021 – if the world don’t end. God, so many good ideas that are gonna be out hopefully in 2021 if I can get back to Nashville to record them. I wrote this song called Vaccine about how a vaccine is needed, because that’s the ultimate hope as far as the world because you see it every day on the news.”

On his thoughts on Elias: “Even with Elias, I think there’s something gonna happen as far as me and him doing maybe one song together. Music kinda bonds us, you know!”

On why he wants to share that type of energy with Elias: “Sharing that energy – that’s what’s missing in wrestling today, because there’s no live reaction. I see something happening, I’m not sure what it is. It’s weird to imagine moving forward during this pandemic.”

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