WWE Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy Wants Cinematic Match Against WWE Tag Team


Jeff Hardy was on a recent episode of Wrestling Inside the Ropes with James Stewart.

During it, he made it known that he wants a cinematic match with The Usos. 

“Actually, the bar fight between me and Sheamus, I was super proud of it because all that kind of negative feedback had a very positive outcome with the ending in a bar fight, kind of like me against my my enemies,” Hardy explained. “I think, cinematically, one of my biggest dream matches was with The Usos because they got their penitentiary thing. Like, to go to an old, rundown prison that you can go tour for paranormal activity or whatever, but go and have a match with The Usos in a haunted old prison. I got that match in my hand, and I think I wrote a bunch of ideas down years ago. That’s still one of the things I would really love to do. I think that can be extremely cool.”

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