Jeff Hardy’s DWI Hearing Delayed Due To Pandemic – Details


WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy’s court appearance over his DWI from late last year has been delayed due to (of course) the pandemic. In a report provided by PWInsider, Jeff Hardy was scheduled for an appearance in Moore County Court in North Carolina on Wednesday for the October 2019 arrest. However, all court cases have been delayed due to COVID-19-related court closures. Hardy’s court date has been moved out to October 22nd.

Hardy was arrested on October 3rd, 2019 after police got a tip about a careless driver and located his car in front of a liquor store, which he emerged from with a case of beer. They followed the car and pulled him over after he was weaving in his lane. He acknowledged that he had two shots of vodka and was impaired, and failed a field sobriety test.

WWE released a statement at the time of his arrest that read:

“Jeff Hardy is responsible for his own personal actions.”

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