Jeff Hardy’s Wife Criticizes Matt’s Online Statement, Reby Hardy Gives A Real Fiery Response


As we’ve reported here here on eWN, WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy was arrested on October 3rd for another DWI by the Moore County Police Department.

After his arrest WWE and his brother Matt released the following statements in regards to Jeff’s recent arrest:

WWE: “Jeff Hardy is responsible for his own personal actions.”

Matt Hardy: “Since so many have asked me about my brother tonight-I love my brother & want him to be happy & healthy. I’ve expressed that to him as much as I can. Jeff has to make his decisions about his life. I have to focus on my 2 boys & soon to arrive son. I can only control MY actions.”

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During the stop he was seen with a bloody nose, which Hardy claimed to tell the officers that it was from an earlier “fight” with his wife. His court appearance is scheduled for November 7th.

Yesterday, Jeff Hardy’s wife Beth took to social media to deliver the following statement,

Kept my mouth shut for too long. Don’t take ANY info seriously from “family” when it comes to me or Jeff. “Family” quotes are BS. Family should have contacted us first before they made a statement to Twitter. Looks like they’re more worried about their online presence than Jeff.

Jeff & I are handling our business. Hence no post from either of us about what happened. Going forward, if you don’t hear it from us, disregard it. We don’t need any “well wishes” from “family”.

Matt Hardy’s wife Reby would go on her official Twitter account to unleash a fiery statement in response to Beth Hardy.

Beth Hardy would take to Twitter afterwards and say, “I’m tired of pretending. Nothing was ever as it seemed.”

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