Jeff Jarrett Says Ring Of Honor Needs To Avoid Being ‘AEW-Lite’


WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett has insisted that Ring of Honor must not become just another division of AEW after Tony Khan’s purchase.

In March, Khan announced his purchase of ROH and oversaw his first show for the company ‘Supercard of Honor XV’ on April 1.

Speaking on the Ad Free Supershow Media Scrum, Jarrett shared his thoughts on the purchase, saying:

“I don’t know enough about what his vision is,” Jeff Jarrett said. “Like, where will Ring of Honor content, is it going to stay on HonorClub? I don’t really, truly know enough of about what his vision is. I am absolutely excited because today at WrestleCon, I was having a pretty deep conversation about a guy that loved the Attitude Era and then he kind of fell off.

“If it’s AEW lite, I’m not sure that’s the recipe for success. If it’s a completely different vision, more power to him because I think wrestling is thriving with all the different brands. Look at WrestleCon. Six or Seven shows at this venue today. MLW, multiple Lucha shows in the town. I, for one, am super excited about where the business is going.”

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