Jeff Jarrett Calls Main Event Mafia The Most Successful Faction In TNA History


Jeff Jarrett is immensely proud of TNA Wrestling’s Main Event Mafia, deeming the group the most successful faction in TNA history.

On the latest episode of his “My World With Jeff Jarrett” podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer talked about the impact of the Main Event Mafia faction. He said,


“The Main Event Mafia was the most successful faction [in TNA], without question. The ratings; when those guys got together, and then we drew a line in the sand against — you know, their opponents were AJ Styles, we named them Frontline, the younger guys. And me and Mick (Foley) were compassionate with both sides. We were generationally in the Main Event Mafia era, but we also wanted to see the young guys up and coming. And all that was reality-based, good, compelling TV.”

Jarrett also spoke at length about Booker T’s involvement with the faction. He said,

“Booker was very important. You look at the five guys that were in the Main Event Mafia, it goes without saying. I think Booker was frustrated. I think mentally where he was in his career, he had been on the road for so many years with WCW. Then the turmoil at the end of his career in WCW. He became World Heavyweight Champion, but the business was tanking in many ways that it wasn’t his fault. Then you know, he goes to WWF and Austin, and has that run. Everything that goes with all that. By the time he got to us — I can’t say he was burned out, but sometimes his head wasn’t in the right place.

“And he came to Orlando, and when you work for two companies and super capitalized, TNA was an adjustment. I got it loud and clear. It was an adjustment for him, and from a financial perspective, he was making less money than he made in the two prior stops, so that’s hard. But Booker is super important to the era of The Main Event Mafia and the success of it, no doubt about it.”

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