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Jeff Jarrett Claims Impact Wrestling Couldn’t Afford To Keep Drew McIntyre


Drew McIntyre may have gone on to have a long, prosperous career with Impact Wrestling, had the promotion been able to keep him around.

McIntyre, under his real name Drew Galloway, debuted for Impact in January 2015 and would remain a part of the company for just over two years.


Speaking about the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion on his My World podcast, Jeff Jarrett spoke about working with the Scotsman. He said,

“Drew is emotional, very articulate, knows how to have a cadence, and just lays a hell of a promo out there.

“I saw him as a guy that could kinda’ lead the charge. But I also knew we can’t afford him.”

After his tenure with Impact (and after making a huge splash in various independents) McIntyre returned to WWE in 2017 where he remains to this day.

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