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Jeff Jarrett Comments On The Steiner Bros. Going Into The WWE Hall Of Fame



During the latest edition of his My World with Jeff Jarrett podcast, Jeff Jarrett spoke about Rick and Scott Steiner going into the WWE Hall of Fame this past spring, and how the Steiners rank among the best tag teams of all time in pro wrestling history.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

Jeff Jarrett on his reaction to the Steiners finally getting in the WWE Hall of Fame: “When I heard that [Rick] and Scott were going in the Hall of Fame, I just could not think to myself, ‘Man, there’s some peace. There’s some peace in Scott’s heart.’ Because it’s no secret. Look, I’ve got so many character flaws and I work on them every day. Scott has that resentment bug, and a resentment bug and a memory like an elephant sometimes doesn’t serve our soul so well. There’s no doubt their credentials. Scott is the one, safely to say, that had kept them out of the Hall of Fame. I would be safe to say that for his mouth and his comments. But for the water to go under the bridge and for reconciliation to happen, they get the call and they go in, it was special. I don’t say that about a lot of guys getting into the Hall of Fame, but given the context of me and Scott’s relationship, him going in, it just felt right. It’s one of those feel-good stories. I’m glad that it happened.”

On where they rank among the best tag teams ever: “They were ahead of their time in tag team wrestling. They’re right up there. Now, they’re decorated in Japan, WCW, and the WWF, and all the belts on that. Box office, were they really put in the position? Scott was a singles box office guy. [Rick], in his early career, you can’t really throw that on him. So, are you talking box office, match quality, longevity? It depends on what barometer you’re using. But as far as overall, just to categorize and put all the tag teams out there, they’re easy top five. Easy.”

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