Jeff Jarrett Discusses His One Year Run In WCW


During a recent interview with “It’s My Wrestling Podcast” WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett opened up about his brief tenure with WCW. Jarrett would leave the WWF in 1995 to join arch rivals WCW, but only stayed with the promotion for a year before returning to WWF in ’96.

Jeff Talks About His 1-year WCW run:

“I originally signed the WWE in 93 on a 3 year deal and then that came to the end. My point of contact was Eric (Bischoff) in WCW and I think we both agreed look – he had Hogan, Savage, Hall, Nash. I mean, there had just been a massive amount of new signings. I mean there were others as well, and then there were renegotiations so you know, from the place that I was coming from I thought it was best for me.

I think Eric agreed and obviously must have thought it was best that okay, let’s see how this works out for a year, and and that was what we came to so it was a one year agreement from the very beginning. When I signed the deal I know that I was like, let’s do it one year see how it is and I’d love to get a nice bump, a nice raise. That’s what we’re in this industry for is is to keep going up in salary and so that’s what my goal was. I didn’t dream that I would be going back to the WWF so quickly at that time, but that’s how it worked out.”

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