Jeff Jarrett Discusses Vince Russo’s Strengths And Flaws


Soon after founding TNA with his father, the recently deceased legendary promoter Jerry Jarrett, Jeff Jarrett brought in Vince Russo to assist with the creative side of things.

On a recent episode of his My World podcast, Jeff discussed a variety of subjects centered around TNA in early 2003, including working with Russo at the time.


Discussing his strengths and flaws, JJ said,

“I think Vince, yes, strong suits — character development and kind of thinking outside the box, probably Russo’s strongest suits. But also, maybe his weakest link that, in my opinion, sometimes when you get too far out of the box you lose, you confuse them. But you’ve seen vignettes, pre-tapes Vince had a gift for that just like you said Bruce.”

Jeff Jarrett also elaborated on what made Bruce Prichard exceptional when it came to producing pre-taped vignettes.

“Bruce, I always liked when Bruce would really get down into the DNA of it, is that he really would try to bring out what’s in each talent.”

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