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Jeff Jarrett On Kevin Nash’s Value To TNA, Main Event Mafia Failing To Boost Ratings



On a recent edition of his “My World” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett discussed the importance of The Main Event Mafia which included Kurt Angle, Sting, Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner, and Booker T in TNA Wrestling.

Jarrett also weighed in on Nash’s value to the Anthem-owned promotion and his contribution to the business at the time.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On why the Main Event Mafia could be able to hold ratings: “When I saw all these kinds of faults, just — because this is something that I think is relevant back in the day when you got books, and I say books as in rating books, in May and November. But you know now we’re into weekly, minute-by-minutes. It comes down to stars and storyline, you know. They had it both. When you sat down and looked at Kurt and Booker, and Steiner and Nash, and then Sting? Those five guys, all former world heavyweight champions, all had been in the game at this stage a minimum of 20 years. Certainly all had been on TV 15-plus. But then the upstart promotion who continued to grow and grow and grow, and we know the Spike kind of history and success, and the build. And then you had your homegrown guys mixed in with Team 3D. Just everything had kind of come together. And when you kind of almost look back from day one of TNA in June of 2002, and now here we are: January, February, March, or January of 2009, It was really beginning — we had seven years of a book written in a lot of ways. So I just think the story was there as much as the star power.”

On the importance of having Kevin Nash in TNA: “I always looked at Kevin as, ‘He’s going to get the job done.’ I don’t think there was a thought that ever crossed my mind that said, ‘I’m hiring Kevin for his in-ring work.’ It was a star power, his verbal skills, his backstage contributions, his brand being a part of the product, everything that went with it. And so you know, his neck issues and his shoulder issues and all that, I always thought — and again, my upbringing and watching different things through the territory days and hearing stories. You kind of figure out ‘What is the workaround?’ I don’t even think that mindset comes into play a lot of times, and that’s something that wisdom teaches you. But again, I’m gonna go back to, ‘Okay, his in-ring ability might not be — he might not be able to go 100% of what Kevin’s 100% is, but does that really matter?’”

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