TNA Wrestling

Jeff Jarrett Possibly Returning To TNA


According to John Pollock of Live Audio Wrestling, Anthem Sports & Entertainment held meetings with Jeff Jarrett regarding a potential return.

Pwinsider reports that discussion began last Monday, as Jarrett met with Anthem’s Ed Nordholm, who wanted the meeting so that he could obtain more of a background on TNA and how the company operated over different periods. There is no agreement in place for Jarrett to return at this time, though

The site also reports that if Jarrett returns, Global Force Wrestling would be remain an active, viable component of any relationship that comes out of the discussions, since Jarrett has no plans to abandon the project. The site speculates that the Global Force Wrestling could be re-branded by TNA. TNA isalso seeking to replace Dave Lagana, who resigned last month, and the site speculates that Jarrett and/or possibly Scott D’Amore could take over that job.

Even though nothing has been reported regarding this, there have been reports that The Fight Network is looking to ad more content. Perhaps, this is where the unseen Global Force Wrestling pilots could end up.

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