Jeff Jarrett Q&A Recap – TNA’s Plans For The UK, Live Events, GFW & More


Jeff Jarrett and Ed Nordholm did a Q&A session on the official TNA iMPACT! Wrestling UK Facebook page on Friday. You can check out some highlights and a complete video from the Q&A session below:

* Jarrett and Nordholm said there are plans in the works for a TNA streaming service for the US and other countries.

* Jarrett says there will be an announcement on a live event in the next 30 days. Regarding touring of India, Jarrett says there will be an announcement soon.

* Jarrett was asked about which past Impact Wrestling star he would like to return. He basically danced around the question and promoted TNA’s Total Access library.

* When asked if Impact Wrestling would work with Global Force Wrestling again, Jeff Jarrett says that is the “multi-million-dollar question.”

* Regarding ever appearing on camera again, Jarrett said he is comfortable with his promoter role for TNA.

* Jeff Jarrett says he is happy for the success of past TNA stars such as AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, and Samoa Joe.

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