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NewsJeff Jarrett Reveals His Favorite Moment In WWE, Who He Would Have...

Jeff Jarrett Reveals His Favorite Moment In WWE, Who He Would Have Loved To Work With



During the latest edition of his “My World with Jeff Jarrett”, Jeff Jarrett commented on his favorite moment in WWE, which WWE and AEW Superstars he would have loved to work with, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On wrestlers that inspired him early in his career as a heel: “You knew I was going with Lawler. The one thing Lawler taught me that I observed even when he was a babyface and a heel is if you have a real interaction ringside with a person – as a talent, you’re working or acting or however you wanna say it, but the people on the front row, they may be working or acting too trying to get into the show. But they’re also going through those emotions. If you can create emotional friction and connection with somebody on the front row or third row, you have that real interaction, the people will know it and get engaged. It’s human nature and human psychology. Lawler was incredible at that. Him walking down the aisle as a heel, he’d look at somebody and dress them down verbally, and the people would crumble. ‘This guy really made me feel like shit.’ Then you’d have sympathy for the people sitting next to them. It’s just getting people engaged. Huge fan of Jackie Fargo and would see bits and pieces of his work. And The Nature Boy. Ric had a way, and you believed that he believed that he was invincible and didn’t mind telling you about it. Ric had that aura about him.”

On wrestlers from WWE and AEW he would’ve loved to work with: “It’s a tough question. There are so many. I’d love to be a tag partner with MJF. Not against each other because we’d never get along, but with our backs against the wall, we’d screw the rest of the world. Then I’d try to go screw him. Bryan Danielson, what a storyteller he is – on a completely different level. He is on a completely different level than just about anybody. Can you imagine if me and Charlotte had an intergender match? Instead of me and Chyna, me and Charlotte [laughs]. Who would I like to heel on? I think me and Kevin Owens would’ve had a hell of a program. When Kevin gets his mind right as a babyface, he’s a good talker.”

On his favorite moment in WWE: “Of course, getting that check from Vince McMahon [laughs]. No, in Tampa when I won the IC title. It’s a different era, but I knew that becoming champion, ‘Okay, my pay scale is different. It’s not like I’m gonna be on some shows working with Razor [Ramon] and may slide back down the kind.’ I became champion, and it was status. So, it meant a lot emotionally, but I knew financially because it was the first real big moment I had there too.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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