Jeff Jarrett Reveals The Origin Of ‘Slapnuts’, Discusses GFW, Matt Striker & Lots More


In an interview with the Shining Wizards podcast, Jeff Jarrett spoke about the origin of his “Slap Nuts” phrase. Here are highlights:

On Bullet Club & NWO comparisons: “Kevin Nash just recently said it on a video. He compared the two (Bullet Club & nWo), and they both sort of play homage to one other and have a lot of mutual respect. Kevin Nash said frankly this Bullet Club is much more athletic than we were. And I sat back and watched the piece being edited and said that was so accurate. Kevin lived that. He was selling out buildings in the nWo showing up in limousines at a time during the Monday Night Wars when the business was on fire. Kevin quite frankly said the truth. These guys are much more athletic and can get it done and in 2014-2015 people want to see guys that can go out there and get it done, and that’s the Bullet Club.”


On Matt Striker in one (three) word: “An analytic’s analyst. He really breaks it down. He can communicate with the audience. If your listeners have not had a chance, I challenge them to go to and check it out. If you want to go straight to the YouTube Channel, its GFW Wrestling and watch Matt Striker’s match rundowns, the match recaps, the match storylines/back stories. He really engages the viewer in how he articulates what they’re going to see, not going to see, what they hope to see and that’s an art. I might be dating myself, but if you go back to John Madden and those color analysts and how they can paint a picture of what you’re going to see, maybe what you just saw, what you hope to see, and Matt’s got a way about doing that.”

On The Young Bucks: “In my opinion, The Young Bucks are the greatest tag team. I think they’re the best tag team going into 2015. It’s very obvious that they’re brothers because they know each other inside and out.”

On the origins of “Slap Nuts”: “The fact that we’re talking about it fifteen, sixteen years later is great. But a slappy, when my grandmother coined the term, is somebody who slaps their gums together. And they slap ‘em together because they know more and more about less and less everyday. Someone who basically runs their mouth. So that’s a slappy, and I threw in the nuts to give it a little Attitude Era flavor.”

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