​Jeff Jarrett Reveals Why He Left TNA & Started GFW


Jeff Jarrett was a guest on The LAW: Live
Audio Wrestling
this past
Sunday night promoting his appearances for Border City Wrestling and the open
tryouts for Global Force Wrestling in Windsor, Ontario this Sunday. Here are the

Decision to leave TNA/Formation of
At the very end, I knew it was time to move on. I’m very grateful
and thankful. The TNA fanbase over the years – very loyal and passionate. I
can’t say enough about my TNA years, but I knew in 2014 it was time for
something new. With Global Force, the vision I have for it is – you know, people
love professional wrestling. Some people call it a “dirty word,” some people
call it sports entertainment. It’s all one and the same. I believe in 2014
professional wrestling, it’s time to evolve. As the weeks and months get there,
I’m gonna be very excited to share that vision. At this time, I’m keeping it
very close to the vest. The journey videos that we’re posting on
GlobalForceWrestling.com and all through social media, I want to literally
immerse the fanbase from day one. Yes, I’ve talked to a lot of wrestlers but
there’s not one wrestler signed yet. We’re really close on making some talent
announcements, but we’re in negotiations on every level. With the way technology
is today – can I share everything? I don’t think that’d be very smart or prudent
business, but I can share as much as I can for the wrestling press, as well as
the Hollywood Reporters of the world and Variety. I’ve had people reach out to
me in New York and LA that are in the television business, but they’re
mesmerized with the amount of information that we are sharing, bringing the fans
along literally step by step in this journey, because they’re a part of the

Still having ownership stake in
Yes, that’s a hundred percent accurate, if you’re curious. It is
a unique situation, but professional wrestling is unique, isn’t it? It doesn’t
permit me whatsoever (from starting GFW).

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