Jeff Jarrett Said The ‘TNA/GFW’ Relationship Will Keep Getting Better


Jeff Jarrett spoke with The Huffington Post. Below are the highlights…

Should we read something into the cities you’ve visited in the UK – Glasgow, Manchester and London… sounds like an Impact Wrestling tour schedule..?: “I’ll let you read into it what you will. You Brits are pretty perceptive but I’ll let you read into what you will. I apologise that there’s some things I can’t answer today because a deal’s not a deal until it’s a deal. When the I’s are dotted and t’s are crossed I’ll be happy to share the news with you!”

And that applies to the rumoured meetings with ITV we presume…?: “You presume correctly!”

WWE has had a UK tournament and has a UK Champion, promotions are teaming up like RevPro and New Japan. What can UK fans expect from Impact Wrestling going forward?: “It’s no secret that the relationship between the Impact Wrestling audience and fans in the UK has been very prosperous over the last few years. It did fall on hard times and that’s the main reason Ed and I are here – to start back on those positive relationships. The app was launched, it was rushed to market and there was a good reason for that – because of the Challenge TV situation we wanted the fan base to have a way to stay engaged. So we’re here with multiple discussions, with multiple networks, with promotors and doing media to re-energise the relationship across all its facets.”

The GFW invasion angle made for interesting TV, might we see more of a GFW-Impact crossover in the future?: “The relationship with GFW and Impact is going to be something that I’m obviously personally very excited for. We are coming up on the 15th year of Impact and started Global Force a couple of years ago, seeing them come together on some level will be great. The situation that happened a year and a half ago was great for all parties involved and obviously gave GFW quite a lot of exposure. As we roll into the second quarter of this year, the GFW-Impact relationship is just going to get better”

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