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Jeff Jarrett Says Both He & Triple H Want To “Create Stars For Tomorrow”


Recently speaking at the Ad Free Supershow scrum, WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett would speak about WWE legend Triple H.

Commenting on the recently retired ‘Cerebral Assassin’, Jarrett would argue the two have similar mindsets when it comes to building stars for the future:

“We wrestled in the Attitude Era and that’s when our in-ring kind of crossed. What I always admired about him from the beginning was his business mindset and then obviously, NXT in the very early days. I think we both sort of have the mentality of ‘how can we create stars for tomorrow?’”

Jarrett would then continue to comment on that shared mentality, remarking the following:

“I think the one that I respect and I think I have in common with him, or one of the things, is just kind of that desire to get the satisfaction of finding new talent, developing them, and then really sending them off. I always incredibly respected him for that.”

Do you agree that both Jeff Jarrett and Triple H share the same desire to create and find new talent? Let us know in the comments below!

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