Jeff Jarrett Says TNA Circa 2016 Was A Black Eye On The Industry


In an interview with Newsweek, Jeff Jarrett and Impact Wrestling President, Ed Nordholm, talked about attempting to rebuild TNA after the all the troubles the company has had. Below are highlights:

Jarrett on TNA’s issues under Dixie Carter last year: “It was a black-eye on the industry. It wasn’t fruitful for anyone—whether you’re a fan of, a wrestler, an employee. It was a really ugly, unfortunate situation. It wasn’t good for the industry.”

Nordholm on Dixie Carter’s not being involved going forward: “The buck has to stop someplace. The reality is the company got into a dire position and she was CEO. There was never any question [she wouldn’t be involved in the day-to-day operations], but not out of any particular animosity. If we’re going to invest…we’re owner-operators, we’re not passive investors. If we’re going to own it, we’re going to own it.”

Nordholm on Carter’s new role: “It’s consultative. She’s a resource to us—she has useful perspective and relationships, so we’ll try to keep those.”

Jarrett on TNA’s strategy starting with their new TV tapings: “Do you know what the definition of insanity is? But we are going to, to use a baseball analogy, hit some singles, doubles and swing for the fences. The effort is going to be there.”

Nordholm on TNA TV in the United States: “Our American television contract expires at the end of this year so sometime [this year] we hope to sort [that] out with Pop TV or, if not them, who is going to be our American partner next year.”

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