Jeff Jarrett Sets A Fantasy Football Challenge – Details


Jeff Jarrett has started a fantasy football league that fans can join to try and beat him. The league, known as the “Double J Double F Fantasy Football Challenge”, has a $250 buy-in and a press release that was sent out “guarantees” that you will go head-to-head with Jarrett at least once in the regular season.

Everyone who signs up gets a signed 8×10 photo of Jarrett, with the person who gets the most points each week receiving an “authentic, personalized piece of Jeff Jarrett history (i.e. one of his classic t-shirts).” The grand prize—which will go to second place if Jarrett wins—is their choice of either a laser-engraved guitar autographed by Jarrett or “some authentic ring-worn King of the Mountain attire, personalized by Jeff.” The runner-up gets the item not chosen by the winner.

Jarrett says in the release, “I’m undefeated in fantasy football. You slap nuts think you have what it takes to beat the King of the Mountain? Then bring it on!”

For more information, go here.

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