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Jeff Jarrett Shares What He Would Have Done As Part Of The Invasion



Jeff Jarrett may be a former WCW World Champion, but he would have remained loyal to the WWF as part of the Invasion.

The 2001 storyline saw WCW and ECW ‘invade’ the WWF and culminated with the WWF defeating the alliance for good at that year’s Survivor Series.

Several wrestlers from WCW and ECW were brought in, but not Jarrett, who shared what he would have liked to have done during his “My World” podcast. He said,

“If I would have come back and I would have been portrayed out of the gate, ‘Oh, man, here comes this WCW guy. He’s going to align with Booker.’ And Booker brings me in and I’m his buddy and we’ve been through wars … The first opportunity I get, I lay him out!

“I say, ‘Are you kidding me? I’ve always been a WWE guy,’ and kind of turncoat on the Invasion part and side with the WWE guys.”

Jarrett was one of the few names not hired by Vince McMahon when he purchased WCW and would go on to create TNA Wrestling the following year.

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