Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett Speaks About TNA In 2008, Senshi & Ron Killings


Jeff Jarrett vomited verbally again on his podcast, My World, and he chatted about the backstage scene of Impact Wrestling in 2008.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


Backstage meeting in the run-up to Final Surrender 2008: “Literally trying to really rattle my brain for recollection. Two things that kind of jumped off as I read Dave’s reporting. One being Terry Taylor: my gut tells me I don’t remember the specifics of this. I don’t even know if I was in the room. Pulling back a little bit, I’ve never been a big fan of big, talent-wide meetings to discuss individual decisions that may or may not need to be made. Because, you know, hey, who wants to release? You can do that in a small group setting or individually. Doing it in a big setting gets egos involved in the wrong way… It kind of gets into grandstanding. I think the messaging is wrong, but my best recollection is this was a Dixie Carter-driven meeting. Terry Taylor was probably given the instructions. When you look at the list of people that spoke, the apologies feel kind of planned: ‘Hey Joe, you know, get your feelings out here and whatever it may be.’ All things that may or may not need to have been said. But, again, I don’t even remember if I was in the room. Not out of protest by any means. It was a talent meeting to discuss some things and we’ve gone into detail ad nauseam on this podcast that the more success we had, the more issues we had from a talent perspective. People wanted to get their pay raise, they wanted more bookings, they wanted more time on the show. We’ve gone from one hour to two hours. People thought magically when we went to two hours, everybody would have a spot on the show. That’s just not a reality. So, we had talent issues, disgruntlement. People, you know, just expected more it was growing pains in so many ways. So, it and it would ebb and flow, but this talent meeting? Dave was probably right that it had been kind of planned, if you will or talked about for two weeks or so.”

On midcarders asking to be released from their midcard positions: “Two different stories. Ron [Killings], I think, wanted to go back [to WWE]. Stayed in contact with WWE. Folks wanted to go back up there, but look – we’ve talked about Brandon, Senshi, Low Ki… unbelievable talent. As history kind of proves itself, he never really fit in the mold of working for one promoter. He liked independence he liked to kind of do his own thing. He liked to control his career, but I think in his case a lot of times he was detriment because his untapped potential kind of we both say this can you imagine had Low Ki allowed himself to just kind of roll with the flow and just continue to stay in one place and get over and get over. He’s up there in our top ten list of most potential most untapped potential, I would say. Incredible talent it just never came to light, ever.”

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