AEW President Tony Khan

Jeff Jarrett Talks Tony Khan Taking Full Control Of AEW Creative


AEW President Tony Khan has always had the final say on all creative for AEW programming. However, he has changed the approach to putting together the shows by himself instead of having help from various wrestlers. 

Jeff Jarrett recently spoke with The Wrestling Inc. Daily about Khan taking full control of creative. 

“You know, hats off to all five of them, the four EVPs and Tony. Just because, to my knowledge, all of those guys had only been talent,” Jeff Jarrett said. “When you step into an office role, and executive role, I was lucky and blessed that I grew up the son of a promoter. So I got to sort of see both sides from a very early age. It ain’t easy, it is not easy at all.

“Like you just said, the political landmines, and there’s a lot of pressure. The thing that I hope at the end of the day, they’re all four young guys. They take the in-ring product, their character, their presentation is the utmost importance, that’s what got them to the dance,” he claimed. “That’s a slippery slope for all of those guys. It’s very hard. This business creatively, especially is subjective. There are a lot of ways to do it right and a lot of ways to do it wrong. So I am glad to hear there was a turn in Tony’s management style, that he sort of took the reins.”

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