Jeff Jarrett and A.J. Styles

Jeff Jarrett vs. Anthem Lawsuit Mistrial Caused By The Court System, Lawyer Teams


Writer’s Note: Before reading the following, please check out our previous report regarding the Jeff Jarrett versus Anthem Media Trial provided here.

In a report provided by PWInsider, the official order of mistrial declares that the ruling was made due to “cumulative errors by both the Court and counsel resulted in neither party receiving a fair trial.” Those reasons were listed as including but not limited to the following:

(1) the Court’s failure to instruct on comparative negligence;

(2) the identity of the wrong entity in the verdict form on the counterfeiting claim;

(3) improper comments by Defendant’s counsel in opening statements; and

(4) improper statements by Plaintiffs’ counsel in closing arguments, all of which were discussed in detail in the Court’s oral ruling.

A new trial date is set to be scheduled on September 11th, 2020.

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