Jeff Jarrett: ‘’World of Sport Will Be A Full On Promotion’’


Jeff Jarrett talked with The Mirror about ITV World of Sport, which will debut this July.

On World of Sport Being a Promotion: “Being a part of this opportunity is great, but from the very beginning, it’s a full-on wrestling promotion. It goes with everything. This show is already being shopped internationally around the world. We are going to look at live touring, merchandise, licensing, who knows, maybe a pay-per-view in the future. But it’s a full-on wrestling promotion. It’s not going to just be a television show.”

On Using International Talent for WOS: “But there are going to be international stars too, whether it’s from IMPACT, Japan, Lucha Libre, Japan or whatever it may be. There is definitely going to be international stars integrated with the British talent.”

On WOS Talents Being Able to Work Independents: “In my opinion independent wrestling is somewhat the lifeblood of professional wrestling nowadays. Myself and Ed have made it a real strong initiative at IMPACT, working out partnerships with [Pro-Wrestling] NOAH in Japan, AAA in Mexico, The Crash in Mexico, multiple promotions around the world. As far as on-screen, on television, that’s the nature of the business we’re in, so they won’t be participating in other television programs, but independent promotions, yes.”

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