Jerry Lawler Receives Criticism for Raw Comments


During last night’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, Hall Of Fame commentator Jerry “The King” Lawler called Tozawa’s moonsault a “Ramen Noodle Moonsault.” Shortly after, Lawler was trending on Twitter, receiving criticism for his comment. Even WWE NXT star Rachael Evers took to Twitter to say, “Just a casual reminder that being a racist is not ok. Thanks for listening to my Ted talk. Have a great night.”

Jim Cornette came to Lawler’s defense amidst the controversy, writing the following:

So now people are mad at @JerryLawler for telling a joke. Now I understand why modern wrestling sucks, because most modern wrestling fans are such whiny little pussies they don’t DESERVE good wrestling. How do these people go out in public without breaking out in tears? #WHINE

Per a report from Fightful, Lawler’s comments have been removed from the HULU version of the episode of Raw.

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