Jerry Lawler Discusses Working With Actor Jim Carrey While Filming “Man On The Moon”


A new preview clip has been released from “The Broken Skull Sessions” featuring host “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and his guest Jerry “The King” Lawler. In this clip, Lawler discussed working with actor Jim Carrey and dealing with his hostility on set for the 1999 film: “Man On The Moon”.

“I called the director off, Milos Forman, who — I mean, you know, he directed One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Amadeus, and all these great movies and everything, and I asked, Milos, ‘Milos, has this guy not read the script? Surely, does he not realize Andy and I actually in real life were friends?’ And he goes, ‘Oh, Jerry. Jerry. He’s the 800-pound gorilla. What can I do?’ And that was the truth at that time. He was the top draw, he was like The Rock today, he was the top name in Hollywood. And he got it in his head, I don’t know if you call it method acting or whatever, he was going to channel Andy Kaufman. He became Andy Kaufman for these 80 days that we were on the set filming this movie, so it was crazy.”

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