Jerry Lawler Files Lawsuit Against Jail Over Death of Brian Christopher Lawler


Brian Christopher Lawler, better known as former WWE star Grandmaster Sexay, was arrested for DUI and evading cops in Tennessee in July 2018.

Just days later, Lawler was found hanging in a cell at the Hardeman County Jail and was observed to be brain dead.

WWE legend Jerry Lawler is “seeking justice” in a new lawsuit, TMZ Sports has confirmed. Jerry claims his death could have easily been prevented if they followed protocol.

Lawler’s attorney, Jeffrey Rosenblum, noted in the lawsuit that Brian had attempted suicide while in police custody in 2013 and 2015. When Brian was arrested, the police department made no effort to protect him from himself.

Rosenblum says Christopher was attacked by another inmate during his confinement and suffered a head injury, left eye gash and a possible concussion.

The family has filed a lawsuit in the hopes of holding officials accountable and any money they are awarded will go toward supporting Brian’s son. They also want an apology from the Sheriff’s Dept. and changes to be made at the jail.

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