Jerry Lawler: “My RAW Commentary Spot is For As Long As I Want to Do It!”


During a recent interview with Commercial Appeal, WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler commented on joining the RAW announce team, how long it will last, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On being offered the spot on RAW: “I got a call about it Tuesday morning from Kevin Dunn. He said, ‘I’ve got a proposition for you. It may be good news, and it may be bad news.’ He knows I don’t like to travel a whole lot anymore, so that was the bad part. I said, ‘What’s the good part?’ He said, ‘We want you back on Raw.’ He told me it’s for however long I want to do it, so that sealed the deal.”

On teaming with Vic Joseph and Dio Maddin: “It was Paul (Heyman’s) idea to put Vic and Dio on Raw. Apparently, what I was told, Vince (McMahon) said, ‘You can’t throw these two new, young guys on our flagship show. Call King.’ That’s how it happened.”

On returning to the commentary booth: “All I’ve been able to think about is what Vince told me when I first started over 25 years ago, ‘It’s live TV — nothing can go wrong.’ I feel real confident it’ll be like riding a bike. I’ll treat it exactly the way I always have — like I’m watching the show in my living room with my neighbor. The name of the company is World Wrestling Entertainment. And I’ve always thought the commentators are an important part of the entertainment.”

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