Jerry Lawler Reacts To Recent Andy Kaufman Rumors


At the Andy Kaufman Awards in New York City yesterday, Kaufman’s brother Michael brought out a young woman who claimed to be his daughter and who said that Andy not only staged his death to get out of the spotlight, but is very much alive.

CNN contacted Jerry “The King” Lawler for his thoughts on the matter.

He said: “I would like nothing better than to know that Andy was still alive and been with us all this time. But like anybody else, I really don’t know any more than what I’ve heard. It could be a great hoax in his honor, dreamed up by his friend Bob Zamuda and his brother, Michael. That would be something that would be in keeping with Andy’s tradition, but who’s to say. It could really be legit.”

If he were actually alive, and not a hoax as websites like Snopes claim, then he would be 64 years old. If it’s a publicity stunt, then it has worked as several mainstream outlets have picked up the story. Kaufman died in 1984 at the age of 35 due to lung cancer …. or so they say!

He is famous in wrestling for his run in Memphis with Lawler that included a moment on Late Night with David Letterman on NBC.

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